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A centuries-old tradition, in the ancient heart of Aosta

Aosta Valley is a small region in north-western Italy, set in a gorgeous location at the foot of Mont Blanc, with the breath-taking view of the peaks of the highest mountains of Europe. Pure air is the finest ingredients of our spirits, produced with great care and quality, with special attention for the terroir: it is in facts Nicola Rosset’s behest to take environmental safe-guards.

According to written sources, since the XVIII century Levi family form Campodolcino dedicated their life to distillation. The old epithet for these artisans was "grapat”, the grappa makers who travelled from place to place with an alembic on wheels looking for the best grape pomace. Grapat worked with fire, vapours, following mysterious procedures that often gave them an air of mystic between the common folk. It looked after all as magical art that transmuted nature into spirits, but more than anything it was a hard job with little rest, sleeping in farms and barns far away from the family until mid-march or Saint Joseph day, when they were finally able to go back home.

The craft of grapat is handed down from one generation to another: son of the famous "grapat” Angelo Levi, Guglielmo became himself a distiller, as four of his siblings had also done: Angelo, Eugenio, Serafino and Egidio. Guglielmo moved to Aosta Valley and there founded Levi Distillery, in the city centre of Aosta, and thus begun to produce a range of excellent spirts.