List of products by brand SAINT BERNARD DISTILLERY SRLS


Four generations who have passed down their experiences in the fields of botany, distillations and safeguarding these sacred places, protecting them, taking care of them and loving them.
Our mountains, our forests are extremely generous towards us, offering us hundreds of botanicals and precious inspirations for our products.


The spring flows directly from our mountains. Thanks to its natural filtering through the rocks, the water acquires properties exceptionally favorable to the creation of our spirits. All of our products are made with the highest quality corn alcohol.
Distilled, bottled and packaged by hand, faithfully following the values of our founder Francesco Diemoz.
Our vacuum or cold distillation method is an innovative, pioneering and completely empirical operation.
Each botanical we work with has its own characteristics and different extraction times. The maceration times, the atmospheric pressure applied inside the Rotavapor, the evaporation temperature, are all elements that vary based on the character you want to give to the botany. It is a process that allows all the aromas to be preserved, preserving the most subtle and delicate flavours, which would otherwise be lost with a high temperature approach.